Happy 22nd Birthday, Selena Marie Gomez!

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Chantel Jeffies and Ashley Moore’s shade to Justin, and even his own fans admit that he’s in the wrong.

Chantel and Ashley Moore have taken the word shade to the next level in the past couple of days, regarding this very topic of girls being used by a certain someone. It was about time that he…

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FUCKING PREACH @selenagomez

Justin Bieber… the world’s worst boyfriend… and I was right all along


First of all, as a disclaimer, this post is going to be extremely harsh, blunt, and honest. Read at your own risk. It’s also the longest and most exhausting post I’ve ever written.

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@Whoisinnyg: With my bae again …@selenagomez💕💋 👑 (her giggle is so cute)

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